Elexus Hotel, Casino & SPA

  • Elexus is built in the location of Kyrenia Lara Beach and has become a 5 star luxury hotel. It has 1000 bed capacity, exlusive conference rooms and a glamorous Casino. In addition, Elexus Hotel is known to be the biggest hotel ever built in Middle East.


  • —Our contributions are as follows:
  • —System room engineering and planning,


  • —Establishment of all 72 rooms,
  • —Number of terminated points 9000
  • —Active Network (Cisco Switch and Cisco Wi-Fi) Setup
  • —Passive Network (Parch Panel and Cabling) Setup
  • —Firewall Setup
  • —Internet access (200MB) is provided wirelessly by us.
  • —Our Company provides design and solution services locally in our countryby its own personnel and competes with foreign companies in the area of information technology (server, storage, virtual systems) and network (wide area and local area).