About us

Our company is founded in 1983, operating in the fields of computer, internet technologies, communication, vehicle tracking and fleet management systems, printing solutions and systems integrators. We are the distributor of global brands such as NCR, IBM, Lexmark, Cisco, Pergo, Ligowave, Ruckus, Allied Telesis.Furthermore, we started to provide Wi-Fi infrastructure services toNorth Cyprus in 1996 and also possess the title of the first company to provide this service in commercial area. Our company which follows the new developing technologies has renewed the whole sub-structure continuously and reached to a wide coverage area by bringing customer satisfaction to the foreground. With our continuous development policy and team of educated and professional people, we continueour services within these standards.

At the same time in 1997, our company also installed the ADSL infrastructure as a first in TRNC and has the function of delivering it to the TRNC Telecommunication Department. Our company continues to serve as a first within the framework of the ISO 20000 certificate of quality of service.


Our mission is to provide an exemplary service that can reach to the wider masses by keeping the customer satisfaction high and by integrating our expert staff with the advanced technology solutions in the field as well as pioneer among other firms in the sector in many areas.


Our vision is to provide individual and institutionalsubscription services in a fast, uninterrupted and reliable manner in accordance with today’s technology.